Which one is Better for your Home: Comparing Aluminum and Steel Roofing

Two of the most popular roofing materials used in Ontario are aluminum and steel. If you are not sure which material is appropriate for your property, comparing the advantages and disadvantages of aluminum and steel roofing can help better inform your decision.

The Pros and Cons of Aluminum

There are many reasons to choose aluminum over steel. For example, aluminum is more corrosion resistant. Aluminum is more expensive however which may not make it appropriate for some buyers. Despite its high price, the quality is worth it to some. Aluminum has a long life, offers a high level of protection, and is a far better selection than the traditional asphalt which will lose its protective ability over time. Contrary to popular belief, noise is not an issue if your aluminum roof has been correctly installed. Also, those that are concerned with its aesthetic appearance can be assured that aluminum is typically sold with a painted surface in order to increase its curb appeal. Much like steel, aluminum roofing in Ontario is easily installed and is among the lightest metals used for roofing.

Comparing Aluminum and Steel Roofing

The Pros and Cons of Steel

There are many families and property owners in Ontario who have chosen steel over aluminum and for a number of different reasons. Steel is more fire resistant without underlayment and is less expensive, making it a popular choice among buyers who are seeking an affordable roofing option. Steel roofing also has a long life, offers a high level of protection, and comes in a range of different styles and colors that can help to make your roofing camouflage with its surroundings. In addition, noise from hail, rain or snow is not an issue with steel either if it is correctly installed. Throughout the past decade, steel roofing in Ontario has become more common than aluminum for these reasons and is highly sought after for its value. If you are a first-time buyer of metal roofing, steel as a material may provide the biggest bang for your buck and is a more affordable choice than aluminum.

Is Steel or Aluminum Better for Roofing

When you compare steel roofing and aluminum roofing, weighing the pros and cons show that these are two similar but distinct options. As metal roofing in Ontario has continued to grow in popularity, there are some contractors who might argue aluminum to be a better choice than steel roofing. There are other contractors that may argue steel to be a better material.

It is ultimately up to the consumer to decide what is more appropriate for their property. If you are upgrading to a new metal roofing system, you need to invest in the right roof, not the cheapest. Though aluminum does have its advantages, many customers have chosen to go with steel roofing due to the lower cost as well as the diverse range of color and style options available. If you are unsure of what roofing material is best for your residential or commercial property, please be sure to contact us directly to find out more information on what metal roofing material is best for your property.

7 Advantages of Steel Roof Installation

There are many advantages of steel roof installation and choosing steel as your roofing material instead of more traditional options. With the Ontario climate giving a wide array of weather over the course of the year, it’s important that your roof is high quality, durable, reliable, and that doesn’t make your home look like a bunker. Steel roof panels are known for their durability and their ability to provide curb appeal. If you are considering installing a new roof on your residential home or commercial address, take a read through the following 7 advantages of a steel roof over other materials.

Red steel roof house

#1 Steel roof panels are a strong investment for your home.

It is not uncommon for steel roof panels to last as long as fifty years and beyond. The price of steel roof installation is a little more than traditional ceramic tiles but when one considers the costs of maintenance and roof replacement over time, the investment in a steel roof in Ontario is well worth it.

#2 Steel roofs are regularly coated to prevent corrosion and increase durability.

Galvanized steel roofing systems are pre-coated by the manufacturer in order to guard against corrosion and to provide a higher durability rating. The high quality paint finish as well doesn’t sacrifice beauty.

#3 It is possible to install a steel roof over an old roof.

If you are looking for a steel roof contractor in Ontario, know that it is possible to install a steel roof over an old roof thereby eliminating the costs and hassle associated with having to tear off the shingles. This is possible because steel is a very lightweight material that promises not to cause long-term structural bending either.

#4 Choose from a number of colours and styles for your steel roof.

There is an abundance of colors and styles to choose from as it pertains to a steel roof. The old traditional look of metal shingles can now be manufactured to imitate the look of slate, clay tile, cedar shake, and other looks. The diversity of the materials themselves means that steel or metal roof panels would suit any exterior.

#5 A steel roof is non-combustible and can protect against hurricane level winds.

In addition to being highly weather resistant, steel roofing is also non-combustible meaning that it will never catch on fire like asphalt roofs would. In addition, steel roof panels are wind resistant as well and are able to take winds up to hurricane level.

#6 Metal and steel roofs are the most durable materials to make your roof from.

Metal and steel does not rot, split, crack, dry out, chip, warp, or leak. These materials are not susceptible to termite or rodent infestation either. It’s not uncommon for metal or steel roofs to be able to withstand the impact from hail, sticks, and other circumstances.

#7 Metal and steel roofs require no maintenance.

It’s true. If installed correctly, you won’t need to perform any maintenance other than a minimal amount now and again. To clean it, simply use water. If exposed fasteners are being used, faster re-tightening may be required once every ten to fifteen years. Beyond that, there’s nothing else it needs.

These are just some of the advantages to steel roof installation. Be sure to browse through our product selection to get a better idea on what might be appropriate for your home or building.